17 June 2020Paper Acceptance (Nature Comms. Bio): Our work on ALS spinal cord data analysis  'Tract-specific analysis improves sensitivity of spinal cord diffusion MRI to cross-sectional and longitudinal changes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis' is accepted for publication in Nature Communications Biology.  

13 May 2020Paper Acceptance (JMRI): Our review paper on recent developments in diffusion MRI 'Diffusion Imaging in the Post HCP Era' is accepted for publication in Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (JMRI).

4 February 2020Paper Acceptance (MRM): Steen Moeller's paper on self navigation, 'Self-navigation for 3D multishot EPI with data-reference' is accepted for publication in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (MRM).

19 November 2018I presented a seminar titled "Diffusion MRI findings in spinal cord in ALS: Improved sensitivity through tract-specific analysis", at CMRR.

October 2018Our 2015 CVIU paper is listed in the most cited articles of the journal. 

8-10 December 2017I attended the 29th International Symposium on ALS/MND at Boston, presented a poster titled "Assessment of longitudinal changes in ALS using diffusion MRI".

6-7 December 2017 I attended the 8th annual meeting of the Neuroimaging Society in ALS (NiSALS) at Boston, gave a talk titled "Assessment of Longitudinal Changes in Diffusion MRI in Brain and Cervical Spine in ALS". 

4 December 2017 I am promoted to the position of Research Associate at CMRR.

6 October 2017I presented a poster with 'power pitch' at the 'Minnesota Workshop on High and Ultra-high Field Imaging and Training Courses', organized by CMRR. 

3 October 2017I gave an educational lecture on the topic "Diffusion MRI: Basics, Methods & Tools for Processing" in the training course 'Imaging Methods for the Connectome Projects', as part of 'Minnesota Workshop on High and Ultra-high Field Imaging and Training Courses', organized by CMRR. 

10-14 September 2017I attended and presented our recent work at MICCAI 2017 (Quebec City, Canada); A great venue to meet, listen, and talk to experienced researchers and researchers with similar interests. 

8 September 2017I gave a contributed talk at the Big Data Neuroscience Workshop 2017 at Indiana University (8th & 9th Sept.)

17 August 2017I received another Travel Award to attend the NSF-funded Big Data Neuroscience Workshop 2017 at Indiana University, Bloomington.

29 June 2017Neuroimage article is available online

21  June 2017Paper Acceptance (Neuroimage): Our paper on white patter parameter estimation from multi-resolution dMRI using sparse Bayesian learning is accepted by Neuroimage.

30 May 2017I received MICCAI Travel Award to attend MICCAI 2017.

16 May 2017Paper Acceptance (MICCAI): Our paper on white matter parameter estimation from compressed multi-shell dMRI is accepted for presentation at MICCAI 2017 (Quebec City, Canada, Sept'17).
 6 May 2017I received Best Poster Award from the Institute for Research in Statistics and its Applications (IRSA), for the poster presented in the workshop 'Neuro-Statistics: the interface between Neuroscience and Statistics' (our recent work on white patter parameter estimation using sparse Bayesian learning). 

Also it was a great opportunity to meet and present the work to Prof. David Van Essen, who was the distinguished plenary speaker. 

 August 2016 -The CVIU paper is listed in the most downloaded articles of the journal.

 6 June 2016I started attending an academic course on 'Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis' using Regents scholarship offered by the University.

1 March 2016Four abstracts are accepted for presentation at 22nd annual meeting of Organization for Human Brain Mapping, OHBM 2016, Geneva, Switzerland.  

14 December 2015I gave a talk, 'Assessment of Neurodegeneration in ALS using Diffusion MRI', at the 6th International Symposium on NeuroImaging in ALS (NiSALS), Orlando, Florida.

1 November 2015The CVIU paper is published online.

21 September 2015I presented 2 posters from our projects on ALS and TSC at the IEM Annual Conference 2015. The posters are titled 1) 'Assessment of Neurodegeneration in ALS using Diffusion MRI' and 2) 'Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: Neurodevelopmental Assessment with Diffusion MRI and MEG/MSI'.

11 August 2015Paper Acceptance (CVIU): My prior work with Dr. Martin Saerbeck at IHPC - a comprehensive review paper surveying the field of gesture recognition - is accepted for publication in the journal Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU).
15 May 2015We received the sales status of our book (with Prof. Prahlad Vadakkepat & Prof. Loh Ai Poh), on Computational Intelligence, from Springer. ~2000 soft copies and 40 hard copies are sold in the first year.
5 May 2015Paper Acceptance (MICCAI): My current work with Prof. Christophe Lenglet at CMRR is accepted for presentation at MICCAI'15 (Germany, Oct.'15) - a premier conference in the field of medical imaging. The project on compressive sensing applied to accelerating the dMRI acquisition is done in collaboration with Oxford University (FMRIB) and Duke University.

14 October 2014
I started working at CMRR.